A Thornton Manor Wedding With Friends

Getting a booking from a recommendation always means a lot to me. However, it meant even more this time with it being an old work friend who’s gorgeous fiancĂ©e just happened to be a bridesmaid at a wedding I filmed the year before in Liverpool! Small world huh?

Sonia and Gareths Highlights18 copy

If you love a stunning venue, a few traditional aspects but with a good dash of fun then you must watch their film…

Click here to read more and see their wedding highlights film

After experiencing the hen do it was a breeze to capture all the fun in the morning at the Lakeside Cottage in the grounds of Thornton Manor as everyone was super relaxed in front of me and the camera (maybe this is something I should add to my contract from now on haha) and before we knew it we were packing Jason Statham away (he joined us on the hen do too) and heading over to the main house at Thornton Manor to get Sonia in to her dress. The boys got ready at the Groom’s cottage and as soon as the bride was safely hidden away they made it over to the house to welcome their guests…

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The excitement started to build, the champagne was flowing and before we knew it everyone was ready to head down to the ceremony room. Sonia looked stunning as she made her way down the staircase and it turns out Gareth was a little nervous while he waited for his beautiful bride…

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He was obviously left a little speechless by how gorgeous she looked as he stumbled through his vows, even asking the registrar to repeat the first line as he blanked out!

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A beaming bride and groom left the room to loud applause and spent the next few hours taking in all the well wishes from guests as well as sneaking off for some couple photographs with their photographer, Steve Hale.

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The guests were welcomed in to the amazing hall at Thornton Manor for their wedding breakfast, served by the amazingly talented Barretts, before being entertained by the wedding speeches. The traditions continued with their cake cutting and first dance but to make sure the hen do played a part in the day all the girls whipped out their Gareth masks and threw some shapes to Gangnam style…I’m not sure which turned out to be funnier, the dodgy moves or poor Gareth’s shocked reaction…

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Wedding suppliers:

Wedding Venue – Thornton Manor, Wirral
Wedding Photographer – Steve Hale, Chester
Wedding Catering – Barretts Events Catering, Cheadle Heath
Hair and Make-up – Claire at Beauty Box, The Wedding House, Liverpool

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