Love Gets Sweeter are passionate about creating personal and unique wedding films for every couple that book us to capture their wedding. I’m so proud of every film we create that after the couple have shown it off to their family and friends I like to show it off on here too! The Love Gets Sweeter Blog is full of real weddings from all over the UK as well as wedding supplier recommendations and a few wedding tips that I pick up along the way!

This wedding videography blog really shows off the Love Gets Sweeter style and if you stay a while you may even get a feel for what I am like (which is handy if I’m the person you choose to spend the day with, filming your wedding)! My names Charlene and, as well as filming your day, I also edit every single film for that added personal touch. Do have a look around and if you have any questions or would like to know a bit more about what we do then do get in touch!

Meet Lottie – Wedding Photographer

Lottie Designs is an incredible fine art, documentary wedding photography company based in the same beautiful county as me, Lancashire.

Lottie Designs wedding photography logo in lancashire

Lottie and I knew each other on social media for a while before we got to work together on a wedding (I have more friends online than I do in the ‘real world’). I knew I was going to LOVE working with her because her style and how she comes across seemed so very similar to me. We both love a spot of baking for clients AND she’s included Audrey Hepburn on her About Me page, what’s not to love?

I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside her a few times now and our styles match well.

We become the perfect wedding team on the day, it’s super fun, relaxed and there’s no awkwardness for anyone (something you can find if the photographer hasn’t quite gelled with the couple).

There’s never a dull moment and it creates a great atmosphere on the day. Because I enjoy her company so much at a wedding I am always recommending her to my couples and my friends.

This was Stuart and Sarah’s wedding at Eaves Hall. I can’t find a single photo or video still of us together because we worked too well at not being in each others shot! One of my favourite things to capture is in-between the photographs when the couple are enjoying a bit of a chat (and sometimes gossip) with us both!

I felt it would be nice to introduce her properly and let her give you a few tips for finding your perfect wedding photographer…

“Well my biggest criteria for booking with clients is that we get along and gel as a threesome. Sounds really corny but if they don’t GET me and my work, then its a recipe for disaster.”

And she’s so right. I love chatting in detail with my couples before they book me too, finding out more about their day and what films they’ve enjoyed on my website so far. Lottie is the same and we both love to have our clients meet us in person to see if we all get along…

“Most of my potential clients come and meet me at my home, we talk about the day and what they are planning, and I don’t SELL myself at all, I ask about their day to get to know them. Right at the end of the meeting I’ll give them a price list to take away (all my prices and diary are on the website so they know what the costs are before they come) Personally I hate a hard sell, so i don’t sell at all, leave it up to them.”

Back when I was a Bride I hated the ‘hard sell’ too. Wedding fairs were like running a gauntlet at times trying to dodge all the leaflets being thrown at you. They could be great for meeting someone informally and chatting to them without too much pressure but meeting people at their homes or studios can help get a better vibe of how they are and how they work.

After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time with them on the day so if you feel comfortable and relaxed in their company when you first meet then you’re going to feel confident in front of their lens on your wedding day I promise!

“It helps if we have common ground, so they might like dogs or have one coming to the wedding, or i might have shot a friends wedding and they were guests, so they’ve seen me work, or they love shortbread and I always bake for them at the meeting 🙂 Bribery with sugar!

I think to get the best from me they have to be able to relax around me, so we can have a laugh, make the day run smooth, and hopefully then they can allow themselves to enjoy the process of getting the images. Most clients have hang ups about themselves or a really self conscious when it comes to being photographed, so I spend a lot of time talking them through the day so they know what to expect.”

Yep. I didn’t even include my own wedding vows in our final wedding film because I hate my voice. I totally regret that now!

Yes we will be self-conscious about things but picking the right photographer will hopefully mean you’ll forget all about them and enjoy your day being super relaxed and grinning from ear to ear!

If you do have any worries then chat to them about it, I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to help and have experienced those concerns before.

“I was advised once that complimenting your clients when you first meet them is a good way to break the ice, and I do. After a wedding no one remembers what you said, no one remembers what you did, but they do remember how you made them feel. I love this. My mantra :-)”

Don’t you love this?

She’s totally right isn’t she?

If you go away feeling excited about your wedding and what they could do for you then it’s highly likely you’ve found ‘the one’ (it isn’t just saved for ‘the one’ with your wedding dress you know, it goes for Photographers and Videographers too…)

You can read more about how awesome Lottie is over on her website here. Or why not send her an email and arrange a time to meet (and eat shortbread) with her?

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The Most Amazing Wedding Video Reviews. Ever

Here at Love Gets Sweeter Wedding Films HQ (my garden shed) I’m working away on an amazing new wedding videography website and re-brand. I’m so blooming (excuse the garden pun) excited about everything and can’t wait to share it with you.

bride and groom first dance in Liverpool thank you from wedding videographer using canva

During all this ‘down time’ before my first wedding of 2017 I’ve been asking my favourite past couples for their help and inspiration.

Asking them 3 simple questions to help me understand what excited them about their wedding, booking me and I hope them sharing that will help inspire other couples in to loving what I do too!

lake district wedding in the rain couple review on wedding video cumbria

Their kind words have seriously blown me away.

Some made me a little emotional.

Some even made me spit out my tea they were so funny (thanks for that quote Lindsay)…

bride and groom first kiss at combermere abbey review for videographer

Certain words and phrases popped up time and time again…








“more than a videographer”

“like having a friend around”

bride and groom review for wedding videography at Rowton Hall Cheshire

I LOVE love.

I love weddings.

I love making every single one of my couples feel special and totally relaxed on their wedding day.

I can’t tell you how chuffed I feel knowing my Bride and Groom’s not only totally get that about Love Gets Sweeter but they LOVE that about me too.

wedding video review saying how friendly and unobtrusive love gets sweeter wedding films are at thornton manor

Wedding films don’t have to be long, boring, obvious, cheesy, old fashioned…

Let me show you how I’d create a wedding film you’ll not only love but watch over and over and over again (and even show to your dentist)!

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The 7 Year Wedding Itch…

This week a little reminder popped up on my phone.

Love Gets Sweeter Wedding Films Anniversary, 7 years.

Firstly, oops…I’ve obviously been a little preoccupied with all my new website re-branding and getting ready for the launch that I’d not even registered that such a big date was coming up.

Secondly, how great are online calendars? Thank you Google!

So yes, Love Gets Sweeter celebrates 7 wonderful years of business in the wedding industry. 7 years of film making, filming some incredible weddings all over the country and meeting some lovely Bride and Groom’s (some I have the pleasure of calling friends now too!).

Crazy to think this all started from me forcing…sorry, I mean gently persuading, Lee to have our wedding filmed back in 2009. I had the fun of editing it all together (have you ever tried to edit through tears? That was a challenge) and it was the start of an incredible journey.

I apologise for using Elbow. It was original at the time…

To be fair, it’s all really thanks to Emma and Daniel at the very start daring to go with someone with no experience of filming a wedding and trusting that my passion and experience in the film industry was enough to create something wonderful for them.

I then went on to film an AMAZING wedding at St Audrie’s Park in Somerset for Karen and Mike (our pre-wedding meeting was on Bold Street for tea and brunch as they visited Liverpool for the Grand National and I remember that as much as I remember their wedding day! AND the little B&B they put us up in was so nice that I ended up taking my whole family there again a couple of years later for a holiday!).

Then it was the Scottish Highlands, Oxford, St Helen’s, Consall Hall in Staffordshire, Clitheroe, Thornton Manor in the Wirral and not forgetting ending the year filming an EPIC New Years Eve wedding for Evie and Jamie

What have I done to celebrate? The actual anniversary fell on Monday which is the best day of the week as it’s Mummy and Daughter day so Paisley and I celebrated by baking, obviously!

Then on Tuesday I made my incredible Dream Board (you may have seen that on Instagram), treated myself to a new Boden dress and Victoria Beckham make-up then cracked on with the epic to-do list I have on my desk. The joys of being your own boss!

Happy 7 year anniversary to me but also to my very first couple, Emma and Daniel (you can see that first Highlights Film here).

Thank you for helping start me on this incredible journey and I can’t wait to see what the next 7 years bring.

2017 and even 2018 looks wonderful so far, I’d love for you to be a part of it if you’re looking for your wedding videographer (or even an afternoon tea companion or baking buddy….), get in touch!

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Love Gets Sweeter This Valentines

Love really does get a little sweeter this valentines day as I officially launch our amazing new collection of films (and if you read all the way to the end there may be a tempting introductory offer too)…

new for 2017

Lee and I have never been big on the whole ‘Valentines Day’.

Our first way back in 2003 was at the Albert Dock in Liverpool (fancy) and Lee splashed out on a posh (and ridiculously overpriced) meal at Est Est Est. I’d even bought a new outfit and Gone With the Wind (one of my all time favourite films) was playing on the big screen. That was about as good as it got. The food was…meh and we had more fun gossiping about all the miserable people around us and guessing their story!

So since then we’ve not done Valentines. You won’t see me celebrating it as I’m all love every day of the year but I do still love seeing everyone else celebrating it.

After all, what’s not to love about love?

HOWEVER, Paisley is our new sweet Valentines.

daddy and daughter in front of light up LOVE letters at a wedding ceremony in Mitton Hall Clitheroe

She gets all our love and it’s been cute sending Daddy kisses on WhatsApp to start his work day off with a smile. I may even let her share some homemade chocolate cake with us later.

Thinking about all this and seeing such lovely things on social media with people sharing the love for their wonderful families I felt it was the perfect time to share with you my awesome new collection of films. You may have seen me hinting at something new on my last blog post looking ahead to an exciting 2017.

My wonderful bride and grooms have been lucky enough to have a ‘first look’ at my new brochure and I’ve been sharing sneak peeks over on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages too but if you missed it get in touch and let me send you one!

So this Valentines let me tempt you to celebrate your family love with me. Let me spend a few hours with you, capturing you doing what you love to do and creating a film that will forever capture that moment for you to relive again and again.

I know only too well how precious family time can be and love being able to create lasting memories…

Isn’t that wonderful? Josh, Oli, their Mum and Aunty spent the afternoon with me in Tarleton Woods. We dug for acorns, made (and destroyed) piles of leaves as well as having a good giggle! I had even more fun editing it and picking a perfect song to reflect such a lovely afternoon but also the two boys.

“Charlene joined me and my boys aged 3 and a half years and nearly 2 years as we went for an adventure in the woods. As a mum herself she knew exactly how to talk to the boys and put them at ease with her.

The video captures some precious moments of my boys playing and making their own fun, and is a lovely keepsake for us all to look back at for years to come.

Little moments, behaviours, sayings, that we would all have forgotten in a few years from now are now there for us all to watch over and over.

The music is a lovely addition and makes the footage all the more poignant.

Everyone who has seen our video has said how lovely and what a special keepsake it is. And it’s something that I simply couldn’t have created myself.

I’d highly recommend having one of these made for your family, and even if you didn’t know my boys you could watch my video and see just how special it is.

Thank you Charlene for capturing such a lovely, precious moment in our lives.”

Nicola, Mum to Josh and Oli

To celebrate all the love in the air for Valentines I’m offering 10% off all family and newborn films booked before the end of March (they don’t have to be redeemed by then). Prices start from £150.

daddy daughter on the beach being filmed for their family lifestyle fun video

If you’d like to find out more I’d love to show off some more examples and chat through any ideas you may have so get in touch.

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What’s New For Love in 2017?

Love Gets Sweeter Wedding Films will celebrate 7 years of creating beautiful wedding films (or videos as some still like to call them) this year.

Still sounds crazy. 7 years! Am I getting old…?

newlyweds hands with engagement ring outside church getting filmed by love gets sweeter wedding videos

This year looks like one of the best yet with some very excited newly engaged couples booked in and, as always, some who came to us through recommendations (which I LOVE)!

We’re over in Corwen (Wales), Stone, Cheshire and Lancashire so far and there’s still a little room for a few more weddings to get booked in (contact me here!)

I still remember the nervous excitement of filming my first ever wedding in Cheshire and I still get those little excited bubbles before every wedding even 7 years on! My confidence has grown, style evolved and I’m inspired by every beautiful wedding I shoot.

Looking back I can see I knew what to look for and how to tell their story even though the wedding world was very new to me. I think the background in editing and being a newlywed myself helped!

female videographer at love gets sweeter wedding films laughing with the bride on the morning of the wedding at mottram hall

Photo of me laughing with my bride Laura at Mottram Hall back in 2011. Thanks Mick Cookson Photography!

Looking back over my older weddings confirm they’ve helped me perfect my style. Although they may look a little different to what I produce now they still tell a beautiful story. They may have dated in the sense of technologies changing but I feel they are as beautiful as the day I edited them.

Here’s the first wedding I had the honour of filming, Emma and Daniel’s wedding in Altrincham. Emma wore a stunning Kimono and carried a delicate bouquet of orchids, another wedding classic that never seems to date!

7 years seems a long time. Reminds me that this year we will be celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary too (broze, pottery, linen or lace for that one…best get thinking). I’ve changed a lot myself in that time, even my hair has changed quite dramatically…

female videographer showing a flower girl her sony camera morning of the wedding with bride in Manchester
Another great photo thanks to Mick Cookson at Sherie and Jonathan’s wedding in Cheshire. A future filmmaker right there…

Anyway, fast forward 7 years to my most recent wedding at Eaves Hall. A traditional and stunning wedding featuring classic styling, lots of stunning white and a gorgeous Bride and Groom. Experience and new skills make for perfectly honed shots, being able to anticipate moments during a fast paced wedding day and letting the story unfold in front of me.

Capturing the laughter, the fun and excitement all alongside the delightful romance of it all makes Love Gets Sweeter stand out from other wedding films. One of my Bride’s says it best…

“The films stood out from the usual, soppy, cliched, trying too hard to be romantic films.

I could tell from Charlene’s films that she understands love isn’t just about a couple wandering around a pretty garden holding hands and smooching.

Love is giggling with your best friend, a cheeky hug with your Mum, a goofy wave to your husband to be, a rude gesture from the Best Man, spending the day laughing with your most beloved family and friends.

I felt all of the films by Love Gets Sweeter captured this so well, they all seemed so individual to each couple.

I couldn’t have gone anywhere else.”

This. I adore looking for the romance during your wedding but it’s those moments of delight, laughter and maybe the occasional cheeky kiss or bum squeeze that make me smile!

Ooh and 2017 isn’t all about weddings either. I have something very exciting in store for all my past couples this year, some of you may already have spotted the sneak peeks around my Facebook and Instagram pages. It involves me, my camera and spending a bit of time with your family…

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Wishing Everyone A Very Merry Christmas

Oh I wish it could be Christmas every day!

I do love Christmas, and I love all the excitement it brings. I love reflecting back over the past 12 months, all the amazing weddings I have had the pleasure of filming around Lancashire, Cheshire, Liverpool and further afield as well as any personal celebrations that have taken place. Even the wedding featured on online wedding blogs like Brides Up North and even in print in Your Cheshire and Merseyside Wedding Magazine.

Looking ahead to the new year is always super exciting too, not only wedding wise but knowing all the projects I have lined up and can’t wait to share (more below!).

I also love taking a bit of time out to write down a little thank you that I get to share with you all. A thank you for all your support over the years and for keeping in touch, sharing with me all your news and more importantly recommending me to your wonderful friends and family.

If it wasn’t for all your kind words about me I wouldn’t be doing what I doing and LOVING IT!

So, what does 2017 hold?

For my couples, you will have a special link winging it’s way to you that shows off my new range of films. A little something for all the family…

I’ve already created a few special films for past bride and grooms of mine so I felt it was only fair to share them with you too and see if it’s something you’d love!

I’m still limiting the amount of weddings I take on each year too. That’s to ensure every couple gets the very best customer service I can offer from enquiring and booking right through to receiving that final wedding DVD. I put so much time and energy in to each wedding I want to make sure it’s perfect for everyone.

My new website will be ready to launch soon. My talented web guy (Sam at Lemonaise) has been working away for months on creating something that really shows off what I do. Something fresh, elegant yet fun and obviously beautiful. I can’t wait to share it with you so keep popping back to see how we’re getting on…

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and I hope you have a wonderful time bringing in the New Year too.

Lots of love,

The McNabb’s

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2016 Was The Year of Awesome Wedding Photographers

2016 has really been the year of working with some incredible wedding suppliers and today I thought I’d share a few links to some of my favourite wedding photographers(I can’t share them all but if you head over to my blogs for each wedding you’ll see the list of their wedding suppliers at the very bottom!).

Emma and Stephen at Hyde Bank Farm – A W Photography

Emma and Stephens Wedding Highlights30

Andrew was so much fun to work with on Emma and Ste’s Hyde Bank Farm wedding. Laid back and chatty we got on instantly and I loved seeing him work. His photos from Emma and Ste’s wedding ceremony St Michael’s and All Angels Church in Hyde are gorgeous. Especially the black and white, I adore black and white! Hopefully this link works to see a few examples from the day

Sherie and Jonathan at The Cheshire Barn – Mick Cookson

Sherie and Jonathans Wedding highlights video13

I’m pretty sure any of you who follow my blog will know I have a few favourite photographers, ones I always recommend to my bride and groom’s still searching for their perfect wedding photographer. This one must be pretty special as my sister in law picked him to capture her wedding back in 2014 (you can see that wedding here).

On the day Mick and I always work well alongside each other and it means we both get some incredible footage of the day without getting in each others way! On Sherie and Jonathan’s wedding it was no different and I’m already looking forward to our next wedding together!

Would you look at this sneak peek over on Facebook…

You can see some more of his beautiful wedding photography here

Carly and Scott at Malkins Bank Golf Club – Kelly Clarke Wedding Photography


I can’t even put in to words how much fun Kelly and I have together on a wedding day. We work so well together and she really gets my creativity fired up, working alongside each other to get some incredible shots of the bride and groom on their wedding day.

It helps when the Bride and Groom are up for anything and during Carly and Scott’s Malkin Bank Golf Club wedding we all climbed aboard a few Golf buggies and were soon crawling through the long grass on the golf greens…EPIC!

Speaking of epic, you really need to see the photos Kelly showed off from this amazing wedding…

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A Fun Filled Willington Hall Wedding Film

Having been to film a wedding at Willington Hall (You can see that gorgeous Willington winter wedding video here) the year before I was really excited to be booked to film there again.

This time I had the pleasure of filming Kath and Matthew’s wedding over in Tarpoley, Cheshire and it was certain to be a fabulously fun one as the Bride had lots of surprises planned. This Disney loving couple had us smiling along with them all day…

bride and groom taking a romantic walk around the gardens at sunset at willington hall

Click here to read more about their amazing wedding and see their wedding highlights film

As always I started off my morning filming the Bride and her family as Paul headed over to film the Groom. I arrived to complete calm and big cheesy grins whereas Paul arrived to a few nervous smiles. I loved the contrast!

The guys had Dad do the finishing touches before heading off in the Bentley’s (the first surprise) to St Deiniol church in Hawarden, Deeside.

Kath was helped in to her stunning bespoke wedding dress, expertly made by Maria Morris, before her talented make-up artist (Jane Bellis) added the finishing touches. Dad was clearly blown away, even if he did well to keep composed.

bespoke wedding dress hanging up at brides house in Ewloe

bride opening Tiffany gift off groom morning of her wedding

mum and daughter having a big emotional hug morning of the wedding

dad helping get the groom looking smart at Willington Hall

Groom laughing with family before wedding at Willington Hall

Bride smiling at her Mum while getting in to her bespoke wedding dress

dad sees daughter for first time as a bride in her wedding dress

dad and daughter share a cheeky grin and smile before the wedding

Matthew looked nervous as he waited for Kath to arrive. She looked utterly gorgeous as she stepped out of her wedding car in to the pouring rain. Typical August weather in the North West of England!

She floated down the aisle and they both grinned from ear to ear as the church ceremony got under way. The priest kept things lighthearted before the serious bit of exchanging vows and wedding rings.

They were soon announced as husband and wife and made their way out in to the church grounds, perfectly timed as the rain had decided to cease…

bride sat in her wedding car in the rain typical august wedding weather

dad helps daughter get out of the bentley wedding car holding an umbrella in the rain

bride and groom see each other for the first time at the church ceremony before getting married

bride putting ring on groom and exchanging wedding vows during their church service in Cheshire

bride and groom kiss under the archway outside church showing off brides bespoke dress

secret high five captured on wedding video outside the church

Guests made their way to Willington Hall to enjoy drinks in the lounge areas. They then braved the winds to have some group photos outside in the gorgeous grounds before wedding breakfast was served.

Kath’s next surprise went down a storm as The Best Singing Waiters took to the floor and had soon had everyone on their feet dancing around the tables and throwing their napkins in the air.

bride and groom portraits in the gardens of Willington Hall

Groom singing in to the mic during Singing Waiters performance after meal at Willington Hall

conga and guests dancing after wedding breakfast at willington hall

groom and friends dancing in their own boyband during singing waiters surprise perfomance at Willington Hall

father of the bride speech hand written notes after wedding breakfast

groom saying nice things about his bride during the wedding speeches at Willington hall

bride surprising her groom with a speech and special Manchester United signed wedding gift

embarrassing best man speech at wedding in Willington hall

I managed to persuade them back outside as the sky was looking beautiful as the sun dipped down behind the clouds. Always a great time of the day to let the couple enjoy some time together and get some of those romantic shots we all love.

bride and groom taking a romantic walk around the gardens at sunset at willington hall

romantic bride and groom shot staged for wedding video during sunset at summer wedding

relaxed and romantic moment between the bride and groom during filming at their wedding

Soon it was time to take to the dance floor and guests were treated to a surprise choreographed first dance to Michael Buble ending with a fabulous balloon release over the newlyweds.

Guests then joined them on the floor to dance the night away as we said our goodbyes, ready to watch back over all the amazing footage we had captured from such an incredible wedding.

choreographed first dance to michael buble finished with a balloon and confetti canon

I’d love to film another wedding at Willington so if you’re looking for someone to film your wedding there why not get in touch?

Kath left this amazing review for me on Facebook:

Charlene is an amazing videographer!
My wedding highlights is amazing! She captured all the fun and love of the day. Charlene and her colleague Paul (who I thought was fabulous) made me feel so comfortable and went above and beyond what I asked and needed them to do. This marvellous lady fixed my hair and sorted my dress out on numerous occasions! Charlene & Paul thank you! Can’t wait to see the full film ??

Wedding Church Ceremony – St Deniol Church, Hawarden, Deeside
Wedding Reception – Willington Hall, Tarpoley, Cheshire
Bespoke Wedding Dress – Maria Morris, Cheadle
Wedding Photographer – Laura-Louise at Capture My, Chester
Wedding Singing Waiters – The Best Singing Waiters
Wedding Flowers – Black Cat Floral Design, Chester
Wedding Make-Up – Jane Bellis, Deeside

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Late Summer Eaves Hall Wedding Video

I must say that I think September is becoming my favourite month to film a wedding. The weather always seems to be in our favour and the light in the evening is so beautiful. I can’t help but get creative and film the couple wandering around the grounds of their stunning wedding venue.

In this case it was the glorious Eaves Hall in Clitheroe, Lancashire and the turn of Shona and Matthijs to get married…

bride and groom walking around the gardens at Eaves Hall for wedding videographer

Click here to read more about their amazing wedding and see their wedding highlights film

My super organised bride and groom had everything planned to perfection so it was only right that everyone enjoyed getting ready at Eaves Hall as well as celebrate the wedding there to ensure things ran smoothly.

It made it a more relaxing affair (especially for those bridesmaid’s who had travelled long distances by train and car and had to iron their dresses on arrival!) and everyone could enjoy their fancy surroundings. The guys were even more relaxed as they sipped champagne from tea cups (who needs to call down for glasses?) and the girls enjoyed champagne and crisps while having their hair and make-up perfected by the talented Wedding Belles.

classic white bridal bouquet and shoes in Eaves Hall window

wedding dress hanging up in Eaves Hall wedding suite

bride and Dad having a kiss before wedding

tears and emotions during wedding morning at Eaves Hall

groom helping ushers get ready at Eaves Hall in Clitheroe

As always, time ran away with us in all the excitement of getting ready. Emotions were running high, even the bridesmaids shed a few tears and it was soon time to get Shona in to her beautiful wedding dress!

Matthijs welcomed his guests in to the ceremony room at Eaves Hall and waited excitedly for his bride.

groom and groomsmen drinking champagne out of tea cups at Eaves Hall

filming the bride get ready at Eaves Hall detail of back of wedding dress

dad seeing daughter dressed as a bride filming at eaves hall

Shona glided down the aisle towards her handsome Groom and was greeted with a cheeky kiss and he even wiped away a tear. Their readings were actually the same reading but read in both English and Dutch for all their guests to enjoy.

Rings were exchanged and soon the new Mr and Mrs Boon were making their way down the aisle and out in to the glorious sunshine to be showered in colourful confetti.

wedding video of bride walking down aisle at Eaves Hall

happy bride and groom during wedding ceremony at Eaves Hall

first kiss as husband and wife during weddingceremony at eaves hall videography

post confetti outside eaves hall

Their wedding photographer Daley Wilson was soon gathering family and friends together for the all important group shots before we were both able to sneak away and capture some more romantic footage of them in the grounds of Eaves Hall.

formal wedding photographs with father of the bride and laughing for video

large group shot outside the front of Eaves Hall on wedding video

classic white flower bridal bouquet relaxed bride Eaves Hall

late afternoon sunshine bride and groom on bench in Eaves Hall gardens

bride looking at her new wedding ring at Eaves Hall

The wedding breakfast was soon underway and not long after so were the wedding speeches. I loved that the newlyweds had their own sweetheart table and the speakers got to come up and share their funny stories in front of a great crowd.

funny speeches at Eaves Hall

wedding video of speeches during wedding at Eaves Hall in clitheroe

Shona slipped in to a sparkly number for the evening reception and the happy couple wowed their guests by taking to the floor and performing a suprise Cha Cha Cha! Piano Factor were up next and kept the dancefloor full playing some great tunes (and I LOVE filming everyone at this point as they show off their best moves unaware we are still hovering around!).

first dance in the ballroom at Eaves Hall

bride and groom silhouette outside Eaves Hall at night

creative wedding video of bride and groom at night after wedding at Eaves Hall

Eaves Hall is fast becoming one of my favourite venues and I love getting chosen to film such amazing weddings there. If you’re planning your wedding at Eaves Hall in Clitheroe and still looking for the perfect wedding videographer do get in touch. I’d love to show off some of my other Eaves Hall weddings!

Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue – Eaves Hall, West Bradford, Clitheroe
Wedding Flowers – Rolands Florist, Rawtenstall
Wedding Hair and Make-Up – Wedding Belles, Lytham St Annes
Wedding Photographer – Daley Wilson Photography, Rossendale, Lancashire
Evening Entertainment – Piano Factor

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A Romantic Racquet Club Wedding Video

Sarah and Jonathan chose me to be their wedding videographer for their Liverpool wedding celebrations after seeing their good friends Siobhan and Gary’s wedding video (Sarah was one of Siobhan’s bridesmaids, you can probably spot her in their wedding highlights film here). Possibly the nicest and sweetest couple I have ever had the pleasure of filming! Click below to read more about their wedding ceremony in West Derby and reception at The Racquet Club

sarah and jonathan getting married at St Marys Liverpool wedding video

Click here to read more about their amazing wedding and see their wedding highlights film

The sun was shining brightly again as I arrived at the Bride’s house in Liverpool. All the girls looked super glamorous in their matching pink pj’s and wedding slippers as the hair and make-up team perfected their wedding looks.

Over at Jonathan’s parents house the guys were having fun trying to get the button holes on right as they enjoyed a few beers in the garden before heading to St Mary’s Church in West Derby ready for the wedding ceremony.

wedding rings on glass table for video liverpool

chloe wedding perfume and rocks for frocks bridal hair piece liverpool

bride and mother of the bride laughing morning of wedding liverpool

bride getting make up done through glass at home liverpool

groom in liverpool being filmed putting cufflinks on

groom with nan morning of wedding liverpool

groom having buttonhole put on before liverpool wedding

Sarah was soon getting in her stunning lace dress, Rocks for Frocks hairpiece sparkling as brightly as her Jimmy Choos. Mum did the final checks before she wowed her Dad and bridesmaids downstairs.

bride looking over shoulder while getting ready for wedding ceremony in liverpool

bride veil and lace dress liverpool wedding

mother of the bride watching daughter get her veil on before getting married in liverpool

The cars arrived and local church goers snapped away as she made her way inside. The look on Jonathan’s face when he turns to see his bride walking down the aisle was so amazing it nearly bought a tear to my eye as he wiped away his own tears.

The couple lit their candles and enjoyed some lovely readings before the serious part of exchanging vows and rings. It didn’t stay serious for long as they were announced as Husband and Wife, punching the air as they walked back down the aisle!

bride getting out of vintage wedding car on video s marys church west derby

groom reaction to seeing bride first look west derby wedding video

exchanging wedding rings at ceremony st marys west derby

confetti photo and video outside st marys church west derby

The Racquet Club near the docks in Liverpool City Centre was the venue of choice for the wedding reception. Guests arrived to a fun slideshow playing in the library while enjoying champagne and canapes before making their way to their seats for the wedding breakfast. Loud cheers welcomed the newlyweds as they made their way to the seats.

The speeches kicked off with a Best Man needing to down a shot before embarrassing the Groom. The Groom then got a little red faced when he worded part of his speech in a way that made it sound like his Nan nearly passed away but made up for it by saying some incredibly sweet things about his new wife.

best man speech wedding liverpool racquet club

embarrassed groom during speeches at racquet club liverpool

father of the bride speech during wedding at liverpool racquet club

grooms speech filmed during wedding at liverpool racquet club

Before the evening started their photographer got them outside in the evening sun to have some photos in the grounds of Our Lady and St Nicholas Church in front of the famous Liverpool Liver Building.

The newlyweds then took to the floor as husband and wife, firstly cutting the gorgeous cake made by Sarah’s young cousin before showing off their best moves for their first dance.

bride and groom walking for photos and video in st nicholas grounds liverpool docks wedding

groom kissing bride outside st nicholas church liverpool

bride and groom kiss outside doors at The racquet club liverpool

bride and groom first dance on video at liverpool racquet club

bride and groom kiss during dance filmed by love gets sweeter at racquet club

90’s music was the genre of choice and Sarah’s friends piled on the dance floor to show off their dance moves to the likes B*Witched and Steps (secret favourites of mine!!)

If you’re getting married at St Mary’s or the Racquet Club in Liverpool and would like to see if I’m available to film your wedding then get in touch via my contact form or emailing

Wedding Church Ceremony – St Mary’s Church, West Derby
Wedding Reception – The Racquet Club Hotel, Liverpool
Wedding Bridal Hair pieces – Rocks for Frocks, Liverpool
Wedding Cars – Vintage Choice
Wedding Centre Pieces – Red Events Creative, Liverpool
Wedding DJ and dance floor – Best Entertainments

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