Love Gets Sweeter are passionate about creating personal and unique wedding films for every couple that book us to capture their wedding. I’m so proud of every film we create that after the couple have shown it off to their family and friends I like to show it off on here too! The Love Gets Sweeter Blog is full of real weddings from all over the UK as well as wedding supplier recommendations and a few wedding tips that I pick up along the way!

This wedding videography blog really shows off the Love Gets Sweeter style and if you stay a while you may even get a feel for what I am like (which is handy if I’m the person you choose to spend the day with, filming your wedding)! My names Charlene and, as well as filming your day, I also edit every single film for that added personal touch. Do have a look around and if you have any questions or would like to know a bit more about what we do then do get in touch!

Mitton Hall Fun Filled Wedding

I honestly mean it when I say every wedding of mine holds a special place in my heart but this one…this really was on another level and so ridiculously special I knew I wouldn’t be in any fit state to actually film it myself. Plus, I don’t think having a camera strapped to me as I walk down the aisle is the best idea! This bride is my very beautiful Sister in law, Keri. She married the man of her dreams (Tom, if you were wondering) at Mitton Hall, Clitheroe. I was very (VERY) happy to have been asked to be her Maid of Honour and early on we agreed that she wanted me to do her wedding film, just like I did my own-no pressure…

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights26

Click here to read more and see their wedding highlights film

After all the meticulous planning (and epic 4 page schedule for my camera assistants) I still ended up filming a little in the morning! Even Mick Cookson, their wedding photographer and lovely wedding friend of mine, gave a little tut when he spotted me filming Keri open her presents in the morning! But it wasn’t long before Scott and Leighton arrived to take hold of the reigns and I was able to enjoy being a real maid of honour (that means pouring lots of champagne and keeping the bride happy with an awesome playlist and food…lots of food!). Phoebe and Amy at Flossy and Leigh were the professional make-up and hair ladies chosen to make myself, Keri and her Mum look radiant while Mick snapped away. The boys got ready at the other side of Mitton Hall and even found time for a bit of scrabble in the main hall before they got dressed. The morning really did fly by and after lots of tears (mainly by me after I opened the gift I’d been given) the bridesmaids arrived and it was time to get Keri in to that amazing Stewart Parvin wedding dress with the lace jacket. I think her Dad liked it as he got all wobbly lipped as he stepped in to the room!

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights1

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights2

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights4

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights5

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights6

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights7

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights8

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights9

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights10

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights11

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights12

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights13

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights14

The guests were seated and their bags and cameras were ‘stowed’ (in keeping with the travel theme but they also wanted guests to enjoy the moment and not snap away) and it was soon time to make that long walk down the aisle. I loved watching this back, they both looked fit to burst with excitement and nerves! Tom had even planned an amazing surprise for Keri and had asked her Grandad to be the ring bearer, cue lots more tears, and then the poor registrar under all that pressure dropped Tom’s ring as Keri said her declarations…oops! Mr and Mrs Lincoln were then pronounced husband and wife and left the room to a raucous applause…

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights16

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights17

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights18

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights19

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights20

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights21

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights22

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights23

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights24

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights25

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights26

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights27

My poor husband didn’t take to the usher duties very well and Mick tried to sub him as they attempted to organise the group shots knowing only one side of the family well. There was even time for a quick selfie before I walked their dog Marvin out to the gardens with them for their couples portraits.

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights28

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights29

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights30

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights31

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights32

The reception room looked amazing (they had just finished the big renovation the day before) as the sun shone through the windows, just in time for their friend Andy to sing them both in to the room to Ho Hey. Now, this had been a nightmare in the run up to the day as both Keri and Tom had asked Andy to sing that as a surprise to the other! So to make it extra special Keri then got up and sang the song with Andy much to the delight of all the guests (she has an amazing voice, cue more tears). The singing wasn’t just left to Keri though as during the speeches Tom dropped a little bit of the Fresh Prince during his! The speeches were brilliant (and that says a lot coming from someone who hears them a lot) and even included a few props and some inappropriate jokes from the father of the bride!

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights33

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights34

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights35

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights36

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights37

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights38

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights39

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights40

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights41

The evening had even more surprises planned so I took on the role of wedding coordinator and tried to make sure all the suppliers were clued up on where to be! First we had a waltz for the ballroom dancing parents, then a very sweet father and daughter dance and finally the first dance as Mr and Mrs Lincoln. I’d played a part in mixing the track and couldn’t wait to see everyones reaction. It went down amazingly and soon we were all rushing on to the dancefloor to celebrate with them to Rudimental’s Feel The Love. It wasn’t quite over yet though as the hen do ladies had a little flash mob up their sleeve and it’s safe to say that no-one was expecting that…DiJay Ben did an amazing job of getting everyone nearby to experience that and also keep the dance floor rocking the rest of the night!

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights42

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights43

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights44

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights45

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights46

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights47

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights49

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights50

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights51

Keri and Tom's Wedding Highlights52

You can see Mick Cookson’s wedding blog for Keri and Tom’s wedding here, full of gorgeous photos from their amazing Mitton Hall wedding!

Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue – Mitton Hall, Clitheroe (and a special mention to Dave, he was amazing at the day)
Wedding Photographer – Mick Cookson, Manchester
Wedding Make-up and Hair – Flossy and Leigh
Wedding hair pieces – Eleventh Heaven
Wedding Dress – Stewart Parvin at Aprodite Bridal
Wedding Dress alterations and lace jacket – Moira Browning
Wedding Cakes and Cake Table – La Boheme
Wedding Silk Flowers – Miss Bouquets, Liverpool
Wedding DJ – DiJay Ben, Preston

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A Manchester City Wedding

When I say Manchester City wedding I obviously mean that the setting was the urban setting of the city of Manchester (Manchester Town Hall and Stock Restaurant to be precise) However, the Bride did manage to get her way on the day and so we also made a very quick trip to the Manchester City Etihad stadium (on a match day I may add) so they could get their winning photograph but I just loved the setting for photos inside the historic Manchester Town Hall…

Nina and Mike's Wedding Highlights13

Click here to read more and see their wedding highlights film

I started off over at the Brides parents. The champagne was already flowing and the hair and make-up was well under way! My assistant, Scott, was over with the Groom and his entourage being very domestic and getting all their outfits looking their very best! As I always say, the morning flew by so quickly and before we knew it Nina was getting in to her amazing wedding dress and the guys were heading over to Manchester Town Hall to welcome their guests.

Nina and Mike's Wedding Highlights1

Nina and Mike's Wedding Highlights2

Nina and Mike's Wedding Highlights3

Nina and Mike's Wedding Highlights4

Nina and Mike's Wedding Highlights5

The ceremony was lovely, and in such an amazing setting! Nina and Mike couldn’t stop grinning at each other during the service and the registrar was so knowledgeable he even gave us a brief history lesson about the building! As the bride and groom left the room as husband and wife their wedding photographer (Karen Julia) began arranging the group shots-which are always fun to watch as everyone is just too excited! With those ticked off the list we then took Nina and Mike away from some couple shots inside the Town Hall before scooting off the the Etihad stadium (on a match day I may add) to get a very quick shot of them in the grounds. The staff were lovely and let them through the security gates to get their photos taken! And yes, Mike (the Groom) managed to sneak his Liverpool FC scarf in to the car (and no, I was no wearing it before that happened…honest).

Nina and Mike's Wedding Highlights6

Nina and Mike's Wedding Highlights7

Nina and Mike's Wedding Highlights8

Nina and Mike's Wedding Highlights9

Nina and Mike's Wedding Highlights10

Nina and Mike's Wedding Highlights11

Nina and Mike's Wedding Highlights12

Nina and Mike's Wedding Highlights13

Nina and Mike's Wedding Highlights14

We then head back through town to get to their city centre reception venue, Stock Restaurant. I have never had the pleasure of visiting here but I was blown away by the decor. We even got treated to the main course and the food was just as amazing!

Speeches began and my heart melted when Nina’s Dad stood up to say a few words. As soon as he started gushing about his beautiful daughter he just couldn’t control his voice breaking. That alone got a lot of laughs and I hope to include a bit of that in their feature film! Both the Groom and Best Man also delivered amazing speeches, heartfelt and funny, and soon they were out in the hall for coffees and making the most of the photo booth that had just been set up!

Nina and Mike's Wedding Highlights15

Nina and Mike's Wedding Highlights16

Nina and Mike's Wedding Highlights17

Nina and Mike's Wedding Highlights18

Nina and Mike's Wedding Highlights19

In the evening guests were treated to not only the cutting of the cakes (yes, multiple cakes created by the amazing Cheshire Cat Cake Company) and romantic first dance but also to some live music thanks to The Craickers!

Nina and Mike's Wedding Highlights20

Nina and Mike's Wedding Highlights21

Nina and Mike's Wedding Highlights22

I think you’ll agree, this really was a gorgeous wedding and it was a pleasure to film.

Wedding Civil Ceremony – Manchester Town Hall
Wedding Reception – Stock Restaurant, Manchester
Wedding Co-ordinators – Amel and Alex at Stock
Wedding Photographer – Karen Julia Photography, Manchester
Wedding Cake – Cheshire Cat cake company
Wedding Hair – Red angel
Wedding Make-up – Suzanne showman
Wedding Flowers – Siobhan harkin, Hummingbird Flowers
Wedding Band – The Craickers
Wedding DJ – Floorfillas

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A Very Royal Birkdale Affair

I do love a good wedding venue and I was super excited to hear that Sara and James were planning to hold their wedding reception at the world famous Royal Birkdale Golf Club. I’m not even a golf fan, I just think the setting is pretty breathtaking and so is that sunset…

Sara and Jamess wedding Highlights36

Click here to read more and see their wedding highlights film

Before their wedding myself and their photographer, Evie from Chapter Photography, decided to meet in Formby to chat about their final wedding plans and partake in a little engagement shoot in the dunes. As the weather was so lovely I decided to bring my own camera, do a little filming and create a mini engagement movie. This has gone down so well with some of my couples that we are now offering it as a little extra! You can see Sara and James’s Engagement Film here.

The wedding day came soon enough and we found ourselves right in the middle of all the excitement round at Sara’s parents house in Birkdale. Lots of amazing gifts were exchanged and the parents even treated us to a bit of impromptu dancing in the kitchen (which actually made me well up a little it was so cute). The boys house involved a bit more food and football as they got ready and before we knew it we were all heading to St Joseph’s Church, Southport to await the bride…

Sara and Jamess Highlights4

Sara and Jamess Highlights5

Sara and Jamess Highlights6

Sara and Jamess Highlights7

Sara and Jamess Highlights8

Sara and Jamess Highlights9

Sara and Jamess Highlights10

Sara and Jamess Highlights11

The service was lovely and I could even see Jame’s holding back the tears from the bottom of the aisle. They beamed from ear to ear as they were pronounced husband and wife and left the church to be greeted by their vintage ice cream van to treat all their guests. Soon a lot of messy faces were leaving to make their way to the wedding reception at Royal Birkdale while we sneaked off with the couple to get some fun shots at the Southport fair and pier.

Sara and Jamess Highlights12

Sara and Jamess Highlights13

Sara and Jamess Highlights14

Sara and Jamess Highlights16

Sara and Jamess Highlights17

Sara and Jamess Highlights18

Sara and Jamess Highlights19

Sara and Jamess Highlights20

Sara and Jamess Highlights21

Sara and Jamess Highlights22

Sara and Jamess Highlights23

The sun was really shining as guests made their way up to the wedding breakfast room and to fit in with the high spirits of the day not only did the bridal party dance in to the room to make a real entrance they also Big Entertainment there to get everyone up and dancing in between courses. I even caught James doing Gangnam style at one point…

Sara and Jamess Highlights24

Sara and Jamess Highlights25

Sara and Jamess Highlights26

Sara and Jamess Highlights27

Sara and Jamess Highlights30

Sara and Jamess Highlights31

Sara and Jamess Highlights34

Sara and Jamess Highlights35

Seeing at their wedding had so far been all about dancing and having fun it wasn’t a surprise to hear they had a fun dance planned for their first dance. Guests were wowed with a cute routine to Bruno Mars, Marry You and it looked like they had a lot of fun performing it too…

Wedding Church Ceremony – St Joseph’s Church, Southport
Wedding Reception – Royal Birkdale Golf Club, Birkdale
Wedding photographers – Evie and Jamie at Chapter Photography, Malahide, Ireland

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A Sunny Mere Court Wedding

Well what a difference a day makes at Mere Court Hotel in Cheshire. My last wedding there had torrential rain for most of the day (you can see that wedding here) but the sun shone down from sun rise to sunset at this unbelievably happy wedding! I honestly believe that watching this adorable couple will brighten your day so just sit back and enjoy…

Louise and Michaels Wedding22

Click here to read more and see their wedding highlights film

I had the pleasure of not only working with one of my favourite ever photographer duos, the super talented Evie and Jamie at Chapter Photography, but also got to work with Flossy & Leigh again who were on hand in the morning to do the girls hair and make-up! While Evie and I spent the morning enjoying all the girliness that was happening at Louise’s Mums house the boys were over with Michael and from what I’ve seen it looks like they also had a lot of fun…

Louise and Michaels Wedding1

Louise and Michaels Wedding2

Louise and Michaels Wedding3

Louise and Michaels Wedding4

Louise and Michaels Wedding5

Louise and Michaels Wedding6

Louise and Michaels Wedding7

After helping out getting the bridesmaids in their dresses and making sure Louise looked perfect we were off to the church to capture her arrival. The priest had been adamant that he’d be dragging her down the aisle if she was late so they ended up nearly half an hour early, just to be sure! There’s a first for everything…

Louise and Michaels Wedding8

Louise and Michaels Wedding9

Louise and Michaels Wedding10

The ceremony was beautiful. The priest kept it light-hearted and fun at times and the bride and groom spent most of the service grinning from ear to ear. I loved seeing all of their guests faces too, everyone was just so happy for them and it really was infectious…

Louise and Michaels Wedding11

Louise and Michaels Wedding12

Louise and Michaels Wedding13

Louise and Michaels Wedding14

Louise and Michaels Wedding15

Louise and Michaels Wedding16

Louise and Michaels Wedding17

I think the priest realised we weren’t the ‘usual’ types of wedding photographers and videographers and was soon enjoying all the fuss with us when the couple came out to their adoring fans and a shower of pink confetti. It looked so nice them walking out of the church instead of in the road!

Louise and Michaels Wedding18

Louise and Michaels Wedding19

We then all packed up our cars and headed over to Mere Court Hotel to welcome the new Mr and Mrs Rizeakos to their wedding reception. The top came down on the car and guests enjoyed taking lots of pictures of the couple before we whisked them away to get some gorgeous shots of them in the grounds.

Louise and Michaels Wedding20

Louise and Michaels Wedding21

Louise and Michaels Wedding23

Louise and Michaels Wedding24

Louise and Michaels Wedding25

Louise and Michaels Wedding26

After the group shots we made our way inside and filmed the guests cheering as they welcomed the happy couple in to the wedding breakfast room. It looked amazing with the sparkly backdrop and pretty centrepieces! I loved the speeches too, the perfect blend of funny and sincere.

Louise and Michaels Wedding27

Louise and Michaels Wedding28

Louise and Michaels Wedding29

Then it was time for the evening reception with the traditional cutting of the cake and the first dance. Louise and Michael had taken the time to learn a few moves for theirs and they looked simply stunning gliding all over the dancefloor…

Louise and Michaels Wedding30

Louise and Michaels Wedding31

Louise and Michaels Wedding32

Church Ceremony – Our Lady Mount Carmel, Manchester
Wedding Reception Venue – Mere Court Hotel, Knutsford
Wedding Photographer – Chapter Photography
Wedding Hair and Make-up - Flossy and Leigh
Wedding Venue Decorators & Florist – Perfect Weddings
Wedding Cars – Horgans
DJ – Ice Entertainment
Wedding Cupcakes – Andrea Lee

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Styal Lodge Styled Shoot

After a little bit of wedding inspiration from a group of very talented wedding suppliers? Looking for some incredible people to book to make your wedding extra special? Well this is why I love joining forces with my creative wedding friends and creating a bit of wedding gorgeousness for you all to drool over-and we get to show off a little! This time we headed over to Styal Lodge in Cheshire and the team set to work creating some incredible looks on the models as well as coming up with some amazing wedding styling…

Images from the lovely Lucy Greenhill.


This shoot was so gorgeous it was even shared on Brides Up North earlier in the year! You can see that blog post by clicking here!

Click here to read more and see the Behind The Scenes film I created

I love autumnal colours and Lucy Greenhill (of Lucy G Photography fame) has really made these colours pop in the photographs from this inspiring styled wedding shoot at this contemporary Cheshire wedding venue. Stu and Laura at Laurel Weddings (the talented florists who organised the whole thing and bought us all together) started by setting up each ‘look’ and carefully tweaked them until they were perfect. I just loved the attention to detail, from the cute name tags and chair bows to the different flower arrangements made to compliment each style, and really enjoyed capturing all these little details for the ‘Behind the Scenes’ film I was creating for them.






And just like a typical wedding we didn’t let the rain stop is from nipping outside to make use of that amazing winter light. The models looked positively flawless thanks to the talented make-up artist Jennie Freedland and they wore bridal gowns from a selection at Pearl Bridal.






I was lucky enough to take some samples of the amazing cake home (some of it didn’t even make it home) thanks to Cheshire Cat Cake Company and can confirm it tastes as nice as it looks!




Here’s a list of all the fabulous suppliers. All of whom I’d highly recommend!

Florist/ Coordinator: Laurel Weddings

Photographer: Lucy G Photography

Videographer: Love Gets Sweeter

Cakes: Cheshire Cat Cake Company

Wedding Dresses: Pearl Bridal Boutique

Venue: Styal Lodge

Hair and makeup artist: Jennie Freedland

Model: Kit Williams, Antonia and Natasha Jayne Heard

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A Hard Days Night Wedding

I honestly don’t know where to start with this amazing couple. Not only did they pick possibly one of the coolest wedding venues in Liverpool (the Hard Days Night Hotel), have amazing live music planned throughout their wedding (and why not, Liverpool is the Capital of Music) but they are just an awesome couple and I reckon after reading this and watching their film you’ll soon agree. I met Lydia what must be going on two years ago at a Hard Days Night wedding fair and I was so excited when she emailed to confirm she’d love to book!

Lydia and Anthonys Wedding26

Click here to read more and see their wedding highlights film

I started filming the day in Lydia’s hotel suite at the Hard Days Night and although it was still classed as early the Paradox inspired playlist was blasting out of the iPod and the champagne had been popped. I knew from this moment I would have a blast with these girls, I just loved their style!

Anthony enjoyed being spoilt by his Mum and spent the morning with the parents and his Best Man in Crosby. With the Liverpool match kicking off before the ceremony everyone was keen to get in to town…

Lydia and Anthonys Wedding1

Lydia and Anthonys Wedding2

Lydia and Anthonys Wedding3

Lydia and Anthonys Wedding4

Lydia and Anthonys Wedding5

Lydia and Anthonys Wedding6

As always the morning flew by in a blur of hairspray and eye shadow dust and before we knew it we were all gathering round to get Lydia in that amazing tea length wedding dress! She not only wowed us but we got a ‘wow’ from Dad too and it really added to the buzz in the room…

Lydia and Anthonys Wedding8

Lydia and Anthonys Wedding9

Lydia and Anthonys Wedding10

Lydia and Anthonys Wedding11

As I don’t get to see this moment myself it really is one of the highlights when it comes to editing…the groom awaiting his bride! This part of the day really does go by in the blink of an eye and there’s so much pressure on us to get that shot. It is possibly one of my favourite parts of the day and even I well up a little when I get to watch that moment back, it really is amazing to be able to relive that moment over and over…

Lydia and Anthonys Wedding12

Lydia and Anthonys Wedding13

Lydia and Anthonys Wedding14

Lydia and Anthonys Wedding15

Lydia and Anthonys Wedding16

Lydia and Anthonys Wedding17

Lydia and Anthonys Wedding18

Lydia and Anthonys Wedding19

Keyhole Studios Photography were quick to get all the guests on the front stairs at the Hard Days Night for the big group shot. It’s always fun to watch that! We then headed inside for some couple shots and for the guests to enjoy the amazing bar downstairs before everyone was ushered in to the wedding breakfast room for a slap up meal and some very entertaining speeches (I don’t think many grooms would get away with his opening ‘thank you’ to the father of the bride…). Miss Daisy set the mood playing live during the wedding breakfast even after singing Lydia down the aisle!

Lydia and Anthonys Wedding20

Lydia and Anthonys Wedding21

Lydia and Anthonys Wedding22

Lydia and Anthonys Wedding23

Lydia and Anthonys Wedding24

Everyone was then treated to even more live music when RagTag Misfits took to the stage and encouraged the guests to joy in with a guitar case full of fun percussion instruments! The evening really did start with a bang and the music was amazing. It took a lot for me to stop jumping around with the bridesmaids and pack my gear up to go home. Now that was a wedding I would’ve paid to be a guest at…

And I thought I’d end on a very lovely message that Lydia posted on Facebook…

Just watch the highlights of our wedding video!! I’m just in love with it and the lady who edited it is just magical :-))) never ever thought Charlene would play such an important part and roll in our day, she is not only a videographer for anyone she would give you the world for any bride and groom to have the most brilliant day of there lives, with her experience and knowledge with weddings she has been like my own wedding planner, if I was every unsure of anything I would ask her advice, day or night she would answer. biggest biggest thank you to you (and fredo!) lovely lady, not only do we have a fantastic wedding video but I’ve made a lovely friend xxxxx

Wedding Venue – Hard Days Night Hotel, Liverpool
Wedding Entertainment – Miss Daisy (live accoustic daytime set), Preston
Wedding Entertainment – Rag Tag Misfits, Liverpool
Wedding Photographers – Keyhole Studios, Liverpool
Venue Styling/Chair cover hire – Add A Little Sparkle, Liverpool
Wedding Cake – Crosby Cake Company, Liverpool

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Winter Wedding at Rowton Castle

The first wedding of 2014 and it really set the bar high for all my other brides and grooms! The setting was the impressive Rowton Castle near Shrewsbury. A grade II listed building surrounded by stunning views of the Shropshire countryside where the photo opportunities were endless! The bride wowed, sparkling in a real princess dress that really suited the grand venue, and the guests were treated to ice cream before their wedding breakfast…what’s not to love? What made this really special was the fact that Charlotte was one of the first brides that booked through my first Wedding Fair at Event City!

Charlotte and Paul's wedding sneak peek

Click here to read more and see their wedding highlights film

Charlotte started her morning in one of the amazing suites at Rowton Castle along with her Mum and Bridesmaids. The bride just sat back and enjoyed all the pampering, leaving everyone else to deal with any stresses (what every bride should do)! The groom settled his nerves at the bar with the rest of the wedding party before getting ready and rocking some pretty cool flat caps with his Best Man. Charlotte’s Mum kept her cool while she got Charlotte in to her big princess gown and suddenly we were ready to make our way downstairs…

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights1

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights2

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights3

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights4

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights5

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights6

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights7

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights8

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights9

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights10

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights11

Charlotte’s Dad did a bit of a skip down the aisle whilst trying to avoid standing on her dress (much to the amusement of the groom and the wedding guests) and then the guests took their seats to witness the happy couples say their vows…

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights12

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights13

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights14

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights15

After the ceremony we headed outside (the weather timed it perfectly and the rain held off just when we needed it to) so that their wedding photographer, John Poole, could get started on the group shots. It’s always fun capturing this part as there’s lots of shouting if people are still at the bar or too busy gassing with the other guests and not hearing their name called out! We swiftly moved on to the big group shot where John (and a very helpful wedding guest) arranged everyone in to a huge heart shape! As guests were ushered in out of the cold the couple made their way to the front to get a few couple shots…

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights16

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights17

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights18

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights19

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights20

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights21

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights22

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights23

We were soon back inside and ready to enjoy the wedding breakfast (thank you Charlotte and Paul for allowing us to sample such lovely food too) and to listen to the wedding speeches. I know everyone was a tad nervous about this part of the day but they did really well and got quite a few laughs!

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights24

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights25

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights26

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights27

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights28

Guests then surrounded the dancefloor and welcomed the new Mr and Mrs Kelsall to the dancefloor while cute red hearts floated on the walls…

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights29

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights30

Charlotte and Paul's Highlights31

Wedding Venue – Rowton Castle, Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Wedding Photographer – John Poole, Shrewsbury
Wedding Dress- Dan Kerr, Blackpool
Suits and bridesmaid dresses – Dan Kerr, Blackpool
Wedding Flowers and Centrepieces – The Flower Shop by Morgan, Garstang, Preston
Wedding Hair Stylist – Hair by Claire, Shrewsbury
Wedding Make-up – The Beauty Room by Linda, Shrewsbury
Chair covers – Wendy Shaw, Shrewsbury

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The North West Wedding Fair

It’s giveaway time! Who could love a pair of complimentary tickets to this years best wedding show…?


The Wedding Fairs HUGE North West wedding show takes place this March (7th-9th) at Event City (just behind the famous Trafford Centre). With over 150 wedding experts in attendance you really will be spoilt for choice, from wedding dress boutiques and designers to Photographers, videographers and wedding stationary, there really is an amazing array of wedding gorgeousness to inspire you! The quality is impressive and having been a bride myself I know how intimidating big shows can be but this show really does tick all the boxes I needed when I started the wedding planning process-even my husband was impressed when he spent a day with me on the stand!



Anyway, because I am exhibiting the lovely people at The Wedding Fair have given me a few complimentary tickets to hand out as well as some codes to get you a discount on tickets…


Would you like to attend? Would you maybe like to chat to me about wedding films or pick my brains to get some wedding tips? Well, all you need to do is send your details to me via the ‘contact us’ form or emailing me on, including a little bit about your wedding and what you’d love to find at the show. I’m going to pick some winners at random just before the show! I can’t wait to hear all about your wedding and if you’re yet to book a videographer you must come and chat to me on the day!

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A Beautiful Barn Wedding

This wedding has got to be up there in my Top 5 favourite ever weddings! Jo and Dan celebrated with family and friends at the stunning countryside estate, The Ashes (who just won Best Wedding Venue in the 2014 Wedding Industry Awards). Not only was the setting stunning but the day was full of fun stuff! We had personal wedding vows,  Howard Wing entertaining the masses, some very funny speeches, casino tables, a cool photo booth and a first dance song that has been stuck in my head ever since!

Jo and Dans Highlights13

Click here to read more and see their wedding highlights film

I started the morning filming Jo get ready with her Mum and Sister alongside the delightful Lisa Aldersley (Wedding Photographer). Michelle Sisson was on hand to make them look gorgeous but I kept getting distracted by that amazing Ian Stuart wedding dress

Jo and Dans Highlights

Jo looked amazing when she finally got round to slipping in to her wedding dress. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house after her Dad gave his approval but a knock at the door meant it was time for us to make our way over the courtyard to the barn…

Jo and Dans Highlights3

Jo and Dans Highlights4

Jo and Dans Highlights5

Jo and Dans Highlights6

Jo and Dans Highlights7

Jo and Dans Highlights8

I do love filming the group photographs, you really get to see the real relationships and in this case there was a lot of mickey taking-especially with the military lot!

Jo and Dans Highlights9

Jo and Dans Highlights10

Jo and Dans Highlights11

Jo and Dans Highlights12

Jo and Dans Highlights13

Jo and Dans Highlights14

Before we even got to the speeches we were entertained by the incredibly talented Howard Wing. You really need to experience him in action to get how great he is at entertaining guests at a wedding! Thankfully the speeches kept up with the pace and we full of humour and before we knew it the first dance was upon us…

Jo and Dans Highlights15

Jo and Dans Highlights16

Jo and Dans Highlights17

Jo and Dans Highlights18

Jo and Dans Highlights19

Jo and Dans Highlights20

Jo and Dans Highlights21

Jo and Dans Highlights22

Jo and Dans Highlights24

Jo and Dans Highlights25

Jo and Dans Highlights26

Thank you Jo and Dan for choosing Love Gets Sweeter to film your wedding day! I had a blast on the day and I’m still making the most of the amazing bits we’ve captured and creating quite a few films for the lovely couple!

Wedding Venue – The Ashes, Endon, Staffordshire
Wedding Photographer – Lisa Aldersley
Wedding Entertainment – Howard Wing
Wedding Make Up Artist – Michelle Sisson,

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Bride Magazine 2014

For 3 years in a row I have had the pleasure of seeing some of my lovely bride and grooms feature in this annual Bridal magazine, Cheshire & Lancashire Bride.

Bride Mag2014 large

I loved reading this magazine most evenings as we planned our wedding, it was like the ultimate bridal bible as it was full of real weddings to inspire as well as some incredible north west wedding suppliers! Never did I think that some of my very own weddings would be featured in there. What makes this year extra special is that I have THREE weddings featured to inspire all their readers. I was so excited to see the magazine this morning that I just had to share it with you too…

Shelly & Chris’s Wedding

Bride Mag 2014 Shelly and Chris

Kate & Jay’s Wedding

Bride Mag 2014 Kate and Jay wedding

Sara and James’s Wedding

Bride Mag 2014 Sara and Jamess wedding

Get in touch if you’d like to see their wedding films!

Bride magazine is now available in high street retailers like WH Smiths. You can also pick copies up at some north west wedding fairs.

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